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I truly cannot recommend Berta highly enough. It is not uncommon for me to have huge AHA moments during our sessions together, during which she frequently manages to make sense of feelings or thoughts that have troubled me for years, drawing links between things that I never would have considered myself. The most fantastic part about this is that she does not spoon feed the information to you, she somehow manages (it seems like magic, but she is just very talented!) to lead you to these conclusions yourself, and at your own pace, so it is all the more satisfying when you get there, and it sticks with you in an even deeper and more profound way. Berta is a true listener and will often bring up something I have mentioned weeks or even months ago in relation to a new problem/topic of discussion, which makes me feel really validated and seen. It is very apparent that this is a true passion for Berta, and you will feel the benefit of this. To summarise- magic, I really don't know how she does it but I'm so so grateful she does. Thank you Berta!!! :)

 June 2021

After years of negative thinking CBT has allowed me to think in a more positive way which has helped with my anxiety. Very friendly, professional atmosphere

Angela Brown

Online ZOOM personal therapy has been great, just like being in the same room. Recommended

Robin June 2020